Cole Burrows Racing

Race Results

May 22 2016 - Last night at Full Throttle Motor Speedway Cole debut his Fox's Bakery, Rush - Dave's Messenger Service, Cabral Racing Promotion, Epic Race Wear, One Promo, Redline Graphics, RPM Race Engines, BW Towing Jr Late Model. Cole got out to practice for the first time earlier that day with other cars, he did really well. Cole pulled to start pole for the first feature but we decided it would be better for Cole to start scratch until he got comfortable watching what the other kids were doing, how they run their lines etc. Cole finished 3rd in his first feature. After the first feature was over you could see he was more relaxed he knew what to expect. Cole went out and ran significantly better in the second feature. Keep in mind the other kids he is racing with are quite a bit older then him, anywhere from 10 - 16 and have been racing for 5 years or more. We're happy Cole brought the car home in one piece finishing in 4th place in his second feature... not a scratch on the car!

May 22 2016 - Cole had his first practice over the weekend, his father and I couldn't be more proud of the way he handled him self on the track. He was listening to his Dad's advice, and getting better each practice. Looking forward to his practice this week at Flamboro Speedway and again on the weekend at Full Throttle Motor Speedway.

Big day today! First race at Grand Bend Speedway and first big crash in practice he broke a gear sproket but thanks to Dave and Kevin they trashed on the car and got it ready for the first feature. There was lots of action in the feature with a couple crashes Cole managed to avoid all of them and bring it home 6th!!! 10 cars started the feature so this was a big night for Cole!

June 20th -

What a great night it was at Full Throttle Speedway, the first feature Cole was only lapped twice, Second feature Cole stayed on the lead lap and on the same straightaway as the big kids, he's come leap and bounds in his 4 short weeks of racing. His line has come a long way too. The autograph session was a good time.. Cole must've had 100, maybe 200 people come up to him and say YOU DRIVE THAT?? We sparked some interest in a few 5 and 6 year old's that were heard asking their parents if they too could race. We are headed to Sauble Speedway this weekend and can't wait to meet some new drivers, and try out a new track. Hope you guys have a good week, and good luck to the racers who will competing at Grand Bend Speedway...

Whoops, looks like it's been awhile since I've posted an update, June 25th had us at Sauble Speedway for the first time, Cole loved the track. He started his first heat on pole, and led for 5 laps, which is pretty awesome! Some of the bigger kids were making some quick gains and as they came up to a lapped car, Cole took a little too long to decide what he should do, and that allowed the big kids (11-15 year old's) to get around on the outside of him, Cole went to go low and go under the lapped car, when their doors touched, no marks on our car, but unfortunately Mercedes night was ended early with a trip to the hospital, and her car coming off in not good shape. We were happy to hear Mercedes was okay, and the offer still stands to lend any help her and her race team may need. There was an altercation in the pits after that race that Cole witnessed and that shook him up, he went out at the back of the pack in his second heat and stayed there, we were just happy he was out there after something scary happened and was able to build back up some confidence. When you throw 7, 8, 9, 10, year olds in cars on the first night of racing, with big kids, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, year olds it's bound to be super nerve wracking for all involved. Especially the Mom's. Am I right? or Am I right?! Every week I wonder why is it we are doing this? Why did I agree to this? Why am I encouraging this. And then I hear Cole telling the stories of the race night on monday morning, and I hear the excitement in his voice, and I realize we are doing this to build him up, we are doing this for fun. The kids were all lined up to go out for the feature when the race director came over and said they had to cancel the kids feature because the APC cars were late getting on the track, due to the Lucas Oil cars having a caution filled race. The kids were so bummed, especially because we couldn't come back the next week when the purposed to run double features. Cole is trying to get Rookie of the Year at Full Throttle. It was an interesting night to say the least.. and one I hope we don't repeat in the near future.

July 2 saw Cole at Full Throttle Motor Speedway, for 2 features, my memory is a little hazy from camping over that night, and freezing our buns off, but both features were entertaining, Cole got into some action in the first feature but nothing too major, and then he was spun out in the second feature, no biggie as they say rubbin' is racing, and then Carson Sims broke something on his car I want to say the sway bar - but honestly we're talking 3 weeks ago and what do I know, anyways he looped it coming out of 2, and Cole with no where to go ran right into his door. Cole did a good job though getting the car stopped. He is learning so much every week. We had a weekend off July 9th, to attend a wedding and this week Cole and Dave are headed to Grand Bend Speedway. Mom's nerves don't feel up to it, so I've yet to decide if I can go. LOL

July 16th - We made the trek to Grand Bend Speedway, it was a great night of racing, Cole was able to keep his nose clean for both features getting a 11th and 7th great job buddy!
Thanks to Kevin, Nicole Brody and Tegan for crewing for Cole. We enjoy your company and support!